Social Events

Social Events
The Mann Park social calendar includes many social gatherings including Robbie Burns day, Saint Patrick’s day, Victoria Day, Labour Day and Christmas Day.  There is a wonderful atmosphere with people enjoying their time together at all club events.  Club volunteers work in the kitchen, set up daily games, clean and maintain the clubhouse and do outside maintenance.

Social events may include singing, dancing and delicious meals to fit the occasion.  The culmination of the calendar year is October Fest followed by a very popular Christmas party.  Between seventy-five to ninety-five people attend each function.
Smaller functions happen during the year as the membership sees fit to add another recreational activity.  Usually this is in the form of a barbecue or potluck get together followed by board games, cards or darts.

Opening day is special.  Dignitaries from the community gather to open the season. On opening day club members are led around the green behind a piper before going into the club house for speeches and sandwiches.   Also new members are welcomed into the club.

There is winter carpet bowling downstairs in the club.  It’s a fun activity to keep in touch with friends at the club over dismal winter months.


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