Carpet Bowling

Carpet Bowling – 2022-2023

Carpet bowling started October 11th. Everyone including novices are welcome to join
Carpet bowling is similar to lawn bowling but the bowls are much smaller and the game is played on carpet in the basement.  There are different challenging aspects of the game.

Carpet bowling is not just a simpler version of lawn bowling.
There are different challenging aspects of the game.

Mike Compton will be assisting me again this season to help with the running of the aggregates.
Look forward to seeing you.

The aggregates are $5 each for the two for the first session then the same again for the New Year session, then $1 each time folks turn up to play.
These funds are paid back in the form of prize money at the end of each session. So, a lot of fun for those participating.

There are no longer coffee mornings due to the school taking up the space in the clubhouse.

At present we only have had a handful of players showing up so we really need more to join to make the whole thing worthwhile. We had been cooped up during the pandemic but now is time to keep in touch with our friends during the winter. The maximum number of players is 14, allowing for two rinks of triples with a crossover on each.

If you have any questions you can email Geoff at