Carpet Bowling

Carpet bowling is played during the winter. Everyone including novices are welcome to join
Carpet bowling is similar to lawn bowling but the bowls are much smaller and the game is played on carpet in the basement. 

Carpet bowling is not a simpler version of lawn bowling.
There are different challenging aspects of the game.

Mike Compton and Geoff Wells are starting the downstairs carpet bowling sessions with two Open Houses for the benefit of those who have not experienced this form of bowls.

These will be held on Thursday October 19th and Friday October 20th at 10am in the lower level of the clubhouse.

The aggregates are $5 each for the two for the first session then the same again for the New Year session, then $1 each time folks turn up to play.
These funds are paid back in the form of prize money at the end of each session. So, a lot of fun for those participating.
Come and give it a try and stay in touch with us during the winter months.

We will be holding Aggregate games on Tuesday afternoons at 1.30pm and Friday mornings at 10.00am. These will run until the mid December break and again in January till March of next year.

The usual $30 winter fee will apply and $5 for each aggregate with $1 to pay for each game. The $30 charge covers till March ’24 and goes to the club, and the aggregate fee and $1 per game goes into prize money paid at the end of the two sessions.

Indoor footwear is required with flat soles like slippers or moccasins in order to retain the integrity of the playing surfaces.

Indoor bowls (all one size) are supplied and have been disinfected.

If you have any questions you can email Geoff at