MP team places 2nd at Men’s Triple’s Inter-club event!

The Mann Park team of Vern Coulter, Ron Mulhern, skipped by Rob Bakshi, and put together by Tony Numans placed 2nd at the MP Men’s Triples Inter-club on Sunday June 25th. Rob’s team finished a very close 2nd, only 5 shot points behind the day’s 1st place team skipped by Dave Baldwin of WR, a Provincial Champion. Rob sealed the deal with his last bowl, on the last end of the last game (vs another WR team), when he drove the jack from between his opponents bowls, ran it back, and followed it through to his teams bowls waiting in the back, picking up 4 points and the win. A very exciting finish to the day!  

The weather was perfect, and the teams that attended had nothing but praise for our club, the great shape our green is in, the hospitality and food service, and the tournament itself. Thank you to a great group effort by our many MP volunteers that made this a very successful day.  

Martha McArthur had the kitchen well organized, the coffee on early and a very nice assortment of goodies, including her homemade jam, greeted the teams as they arrived.

Helping in the kitchen throughout the day were Sharron Lyons, Rose Taylor, Vinod Bakshi and Susan Metivier. Outside, Mike Skinner was first to arrive (7:15 a.m!) to roll the green. Plus, the night before, Gaston Essiambre and Mike Skinner marked the 2M points, in both directions in all rinks. Starting in the morning putting all our flags up, setting out equipment, changing equipment to east/west at lunchtime, and putting everything away at the end of the day were many helpers throughout the day: Gaston Essiambre, Vinod Bakshi, Bryant Avery, Susan Metivier, Craig Carlyle, Tony Numans, and Harald & Heidi Hendess.  

Our Umpire, Gaston Essiambre, performed several interesting measures during the four games. Dianne Brynjolfson was the Convenor for the tournament and was proactive in getting it to fill to 16 teams. Linda Higgins and Sharon Beard tended bar, and Tom Akam and Judy Skinner sold 50-50 tickets. Again, a great group effort, and thank you to all who helped!   

There were many new faces this year as a lot of men who routinely attend this event, were bowling in Provincial Pairs over the weekend. Many teams brought bowlers with less experience to introduce them to playing in Inter-clubs. I will share with you this nice email that came in the next day from a Langley bowler, thanking our club and everyone who helped.    

The next Inter-club that Mann Park hosts is Mixed Triples on Sunday, July 23rd. We have two MP teams entered so far, but are hoping for a third. We can not save this spot for a third MP team much longer. Talk to your fellow bowlers now!   Photos from June 25th Men’s Triples: 

Group 1:
Group 2:

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