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Ordering from the Mann Park Online Store

· This might appear to be a long and tiresome process. If this is your first time, it will take longer and you might need to re-do some steps to get it right. Persevere, it will get easier each time you use the site.

If you have ordered from the inter-net before, the process is very similar to other sites and you may not need these instructions.

I am assured that this is a secure site and that payment by credit card is safe.

The actual on line shop web-site address is (highlight this website address then right click and search in google) 

**** First: print out these instructions and have them in front of you as you go through the process of ordering from the online store. I have put in lots and lots and lots of step by step detail so you can follow along to be successful.

Overview: The whole process consists of 3 Steps:

1. Creating your personal account. 2. Ordering the item(s) you want. 3. Paying for what you have ordered.

Note: *You can cancel your order at any point in this process, even right at the end.*

Step 1. Create an account:

Begin by clicking your mouse on the web- site address in the separate e-mail. This will bring you directly to our online shop, so you can begin the process.

Once the on line store appears…. follow these instructions:

i) Click on “Login/Create an Account” , at the top right.

ii) This takes you to the Customer Sign In page. You don’t have an account yet, so you….

iii) Click on “Create Account”, (don’t click on the red “Sign In” box because you don’t have an account yet.)

iv) The “Customer Sign Up page appears. Fill in the box for “ User name” (I use my e-mail address) and “Password” . These are your choice (I write them down, because I don’t want to forget and they will be needed very soon.)

v) Click on “Register” ………and the “Customer Sign In Confirmation” page appears.

vi) Enter the Username and Password that you chose on the last page and, when you have done that……….

vii) …….click on the red box “Sign In”. You have now created your own account and are ready to order your items.

viii) The page “Account Management” appears.

Step 2. Ordering:

a) On top left, click on “All Products” (if you want to view all the items in the shop) or click on ”Ladies” or on “Men’s”

b) Click on the drawing of the item you want to look at and a larger, more detailed view will open up.

*(N.B. the new ‘alternate’ Men’s shirt, that Kukri call “Bottle” is the same colour as our old Forest Green.)

c) You can roll your mouse over the drawing to get an even more detailed view.

d) Click on the “View Size Chart” to see all the sizes available. As you scroll down you will come to a video of how to measure and, also, body drawings of where to measure. On the charts, the inch measures are converted to the sizes for you to order by.

e) After you have decided what your size is, enter your size that you decided is right for you from the Size Chart. (Optional: if you want your name embroidered on you item, enter the name in the box “surname”. When you have done……. click on “Add to my basket”.

***Note that the sizes show for men’s pants are the inside leg i.e. these are the standard, inside leg measurements but there is a full range of waist sizes, which are in the Size Chart.

f) You can either continue shopping by clicking on “Continue Shopping” or click on “Checkout” to finish shopping and pay.

Step 3. Checkout and pay:

i) After you click on “Checkout”

ii) The page “Customer Sign in” will appear. (This is where you use the Account you created in the first step.)

iii) Enter your “Username” and your “Password” and click on “Sign In”.

iv) You have now activated your own, personal account.

v) You need to fill in the addresses. I usually use Mann Park for the top address and my home address for the second one. (It’s a bit finicky here in that it seems to require most of the lines to be used, so you may need to enter the house number on a different line that the street number/name……)

vi) Click on “Save and Continue” and this will take you to……..

vii) the “Order Summary” page

viii) Review your order to ensure that it is correct.

ix) Click on the little grey box beside “Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions” (These are a lot of legalise that I never read but it is up to you).

x) If you agree with the order, click on “Place your order and pay by card”

xi) If you don’t want to proceed, click on “Cancel” and your whole order will be cancelled.


*You must pay by credit card.*

If you are uncomfortable with this (even though this is a very secure system) you may wish to buy a ‘Pre-Paid’ credit card. Many stores (Safeway, Shoppers Drug Mart, Save-On) sell them for various amounts e.g.: $25.00, $50, $75, $125, $150 etc. These pre-paid cards are used in the same way as regular credit cards and protect you absolutely.

Example: You order an item from our shop that costs a total $37.50 (including tax) and want to pay with a $50.00 pre-paid card. After you have paid for your item, there will be a credit of $12.50 left on the card. You can use the card anywhere to use up the $12.50 balance. This, also, means that your liability is only $12.50, if you are worried about a fraudster getting a hold of it.

a) Once you click on “Place your order and pay by card” the different credit cards you can pay with, appear.

b) Click on the credit card you wish to pay with.

c) (If you bought a pre-paid card it will say on it if it a Visa, MasterCard etc. Treat it the same as any regular credit card. )

d) Enter the card details.

e) The page “Transaction Detail” appears. Check all the entries to make sure they are right.

f) To order the item(s), click on “Pay now”


If you have changed your mind and no longer wish to order the item(s), Click on “Cancel” and the whole order is cancelled. (In this case, nothing will be charged to your credit card.)

Good Bowling!
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