2023 Winners List


Club Championships

Men’s Singles         1st    Stan Turner

                              2nd   Vern Coulter

                              3rd   Mike Skinner

Women’s Singles    1st    Bernice Urbaniak

                              2nd   Dianne Brynjolfson

                              3rd   Susan Metivier

Novice Singles       1st    Mridul Sawhney

                              2nd   Shelley Onofrechuk

                              3rd   Bob Mack

Mixed Pairs            1st    Rob Bakshi & Vinod Bakshi

                              2nd   Harvey Stavenes & Gina Guszowaty

                              3rd   Mike Skinner & Susan Metivier

Mixed Triples with a Novice

                              1st    David Drayson, Frank Stock, Helen Virgo

                              2nd   Rose Taylor, Karen Lepine, Miguel Lapa

                              3rd   Tony Numans, Dave Edwards, Janet Pearson

Cut Throat             1st    Hema Sawhney      

                              2nd   Harald Hendess

                              3rd   Ron Mulhern

The Presidents Shield:  The Ladies versus the Gentlemen

                               1st    The Gentlemen                     

Evening Leagues

Mixed Pairs set #1 1st    Rob Bakshi & Vinod Bakshi

(Tuesday p.m.)                       2nd   Tony Numans & Linda Higgins

                                      3rd   Stan Turner & Bernice Urbaniak

                                      4th   Bryant Avery & Hema Sawhney

Aussie Pairs set #1       1st    Stan Turner & Bernice Urbaniak

(Thursday p.m.)                       2nd   Larry Ridenour & Leo Klarich     

                                      3rd   Dianne Brynjolfson & Ron Mulhern

                                      4th   Tony Numans & Gaston Essiambre

Coaches (Pony) League   1st    Dave Smith & Mridul Sawhney

(Wednesay p.m.)                      2nd   Eldon Abercromby

                                      3rd   Allie Chapman & Miriam Keating

                                      4th   Bob Mack           

Mixed Triples        1st    Rose Taylor, Bryant Avery, George Wang

with a Novice         2nd   Gina Guszowaty, Susan Metivier, Eldon Abercromby

(Tuesday p.m.)                3rd   Dave Edwards, Sharon Avery, Prachi Sawhney

                              4th   Bob Stevenson, Larry Todd, Janet Pearson

Aussie Pairs set #2       1st    Harald Hendess & Heidi Hendess

(Thursday p.m.)                       2nd   Bernice Urbaniak & Mridul Sawhney

                                      3rd   Hema Sawhney & Bryant Avery

                                      4th   Vern Coulter & Sharon Avery

Super Pairs             1st    Franco Canil & Hema Sawhney

(Wednesday p.m.)             2nd  Tony Numans & Renate Stevenson

                              3rd   Gaston Essiambre & Susan Metivier

                              4th   Harald Hendess & Mridul Sawhney

Super Pairs con’t    5th   Bob Stevenson & Sharon Avery

                              6th   Bernice Urbaniak & Larry Todd

                              7th   Dianne Brynjolfson & Linda Higgins

                              8th   Heidi Hendess & Gisele Essiambre

                              9th   Doug Wrong & Vinod Bakshi


Monday Aggregate        

        1st                  Bernice Urbaniak                          37 points

        2nd/3rd  tied:   Frank Stock & Harald Hendess     35   “

        4th/5th  tied:   Gail Bicknell & Rose Taylor           32   “

        6th                  Tina Henry                                   30        “

        7th/8th    tied:  Anne Zuk & Dave Smith                29         “

        9th/10th tied: Al Dicaire & Doug Wrong              27        “

        11th                 Annetta Brownsword                    26        “

        12/13th tied:   Tom Akam & Sharon Avery           25   “

        14th                 Tony Numans                                24         “

        15th                 Bob Stevenson                             22        “     

Friday Aggregate         

        1st                Franco Canil                                    43 points

        2nd                Tina Henry                                      40       

        3rd                Anne Zuk                                        37       

        4th                Sharon Avery                                  34       

        5th/6th tied:  Olive Anderson & Tony Numans      33        

        7th                Doug Wrong                                    32        

        8th                Bryant Avery                                  31       

        9/10th tied:  Lucy Bishop & Gaston Essiambre     29        

        11th               Paul Roussy                                     28       

        12th             Tom Akam                                        27       

        13-15 tie: Sharron Lyons, Rose Taylor, Annetta Brownsword 25

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