Come Play! New members always welcome!

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Open Houses
Mann Park holds open houses in the spring, usually in April, to introduce the game of bowls to new players.  Watch local papers and parks and recreation guides for dates to be announced.

For beginners
The game of bowls has many similarities to curling and bocci ball. At Mann Park, we play on a natural grass surface or “green.” Teams are singles, pairs, triples, or fours. A small ball, called a jack, is a target which is rolled down the grass at the start of the game. The objective is to score by having your bowling bowls lie nearest the jack when the end is complete. But watch out, the jack can be hit and moved by a bowl changing the score in a flash! When all bowls have been played, and the score tallied, the teams now play from the other end. Each game has a set number of ends to be played.

Opportunity to play
A person wanting to take up the sport can attend an open house or contact the club and they will be introduced to a coach who will arrange lessons. The average bowl weighs three and a half pounds and has a bias so it takes skill to move the bowl in the desired direction. Bowling is quite a complex game with other skills and strategies to be learned; coaching is offered throughout the season.

The best time to join the club is at the beginning of the season in April and start lessons with other new bowlers.  Of course, new members are welcome at any time.

The annual membership fee is $200. An administration fee of $15 is applicable to new members who have never bowled before. If the new person finds the game is unsuitable they will have the $200 membership fee reimbursed.

People joining later in the year pay a prorated membership fee.

Other costs at Mann Park are locker rentals. To play in socially competitive games and fun days the cost is usually $5.00

Please contact for more detail.