Mann Park Fund Raising Initiatives

We currently have two fund raising opportunities where members can participate to help our club.

Recycling Program

You previously received information on this program, where you can take Pop & Beer cans, Wine & Liquor bottles and Juice & Milk Cartons (those where you pay a deposit) to the recycling depots and enter the Mann Park phone # 604-531-0833 at the kiosk. Mann Park receives a credit for the amount.

We’ve made changes to the program to make it easier for you. You can now bring those items to the Club and deposit them in the bin by the back door to the Locker Room. Olive Anderson will then collect the items and take them to the depot.  This is a great program to help the Environment and our Club.

All we ask is that you RINSE the containers and place them in the plastic bag in the bin.

Gift Cards

Our second Fund Raising initiatives is the Gift Card program where you purchase gift cards from the club and we get a kick back from the merchants.  Kick back ranges from 4 – 6%. This is pretty simple for you, on the door to the equipment shed there are forms as well as a mail box.  Complete the form by entering your name, phone number, amount of cards required and include a check for the total amount and deposit it in the box attached to the door no later than the 1st Friday Aggregate of the month. Hiliary Callihoo will collect the forms, order the cards and distribute them to you on the 3rd Friday Aggregate of the month.

So as you can see, these are easy and simple ways for you to help the club.

Gaston Essiambre on behalf of the Board of Directors