March 2021 Newsletter

March 2021 Newsletter

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Help Needed

The greens will be top dressed in the next 2 weeks. We require the assistance 5 or 6 members to assist with picking up plugs after punching the greens.

This normally takes about two hours and the use of a plastic snow shovel.

If you are able to help please contact Mike Skinner at

I will get back to the volunteers as soon as I have an exact date and time.


Mike Skinner

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February 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter

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January 2021 newsletter

January 25, 2021 Newsletter

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Garden bed being replanted

The final stage of our perimeter repair project is the replanting of the garden bed along the parking lot. In October a hard-working crew of volunteers dug out all the poor soil containing construction debris and replaced it with good top soil. A few shrubs have been planted and a host of bulbs that will provide us with a colourful spring display. In May we will infill with perennials reflecting our club colours – green and yellow. Planter boxes are being built to hold the beans and sweet peas enjoyed so much by our members.

Thanks to Hilary Callihoo, Stephen McArthur, Dave Edwards, Dianne Brynjolfson and Gerry McArthur who manned the shovels to add 5 yards of new soil to bed.
Krista McArthur, pictured, worked with Dianne Brynjolfson to plant shrubs.
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Purdy’s Chocolates Fundraiser




Available to you, your family friends or neighbours for Christmas gifts

Please support this fundraiser

(25% profit base on an order of $1000)

October 18, 2020 (Sun) 11am to 1pm – pick up the Purdy’s Christmas Catalogue in the Mann Park parking lot

OR Email to secure a catalogue

November 15, 2020 11am to 1pm drop your order with cash or cheque (Payable to MPLBC) in a supervised box in MP parking lot

OR place your order directly to MP fundraising

December 6, 2020 11am and 2 pm

Pick up your order

And have a sweet Christmas

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We were quite fortunate to have had the sun shining down on Mann ☀ Park for our final afternoon of bowling, Thanksgiving Monday…and we were thankful! With the forecast of good weather, and the 📣 ”last call for bowlers”… the greens did fill and there was a very positive vibe in the air.

We would like to thank Mike Skinner for the countless hours he spent working behind the scene on the greens, who along with the help of Paul Klarich kept them in excellent shape, and kept them open for us longer than usual.

It was a challenging year in many ways but with the help of many volunteers working as coordinators we were able to have a successful season. And we made it through the season with no cases or outbreak of Covid. With all the safety measures that were put in place, and with people following our guidelines, Covid didn’t really stand a chance!

Normally at the end of a season we can look forward to getting together at one of our fun Winter Social Events: Oktoberfest, the Christmas Party, Robbie Burns Day and St. Patrick’s Day dinner dances.  Unfortunately it looks like Covid will prevent those opportunities for us this winter. 

Fortunately though, what we can look forward to is a much better start to the 2021 season. We already have the bowling Guidelines and necessary systems in place if Covid is still with us next year. We are hoping that Bowls BC relaxes it’s ruling on the use of jacks and groundsheets for 2021. Please know that we also plan to work on a solution for that as we want to use them too! 

We suspect that the 2021 season will start off in the same phase that 2020 has ended… Phase 2, which does allow for spectators at our games as long as they are members (including Social members). If so, we hope to see a few more of you coming out next season to take advantage of this opportunity to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. In the meantime, maybe pick up that phone and surprise a member that you would have stopped and chatted with at one of our dinners. I’m sure they would appreciate your call.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and wish you all the best through the coming winter.

We look forward to seeing you on the Mann Park greens in 2021.

Take care,

Games Committee

Ed, Dianne and Gaston

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Greens closing October 13, 2020

The last day of bowling for the season will be Monday, October 12, 2020. 

We have certainly had a memorable summer: the COVID pandemic, construction on our perimeter, and poor air quality due to smoke from the fires south of the border.  Despite everything, 72 members took the opportunity to enjoy lawn bowling within the protocols established by public health and Bowls BC.

On behalf of all our members, the Board of Directors extends their wholehearted appreciation to the Games Committee for a job well done. Thanks to the dedication of Ed Hooper, Dianne Brynjolfson, and Gaston Essiambre our greens have been open for play since June 15.  The committee wrote comprehensive return-to-play guidelines (with input from Franco Canil, Dave Edwards, and Ken Cronin), created an online registration process (with the help of Gaston’s son), and oversaw the daily implementation of safety protocols on the greens.  Thank-you for the many hours you have volunteered to permit our members to continue to safely enjoy lawn bowling at Mann Park throughout the summer.

Thank-you, too, to those bowlers who took on the task of coordinator to open and close the club, as well as sanitize the equipment and surroundings for each draw.  “Volunteers make it happen!”

Have a safe winter.  We look forward to getting together soon when COVID restrictions allow.

On behalf of the members,

David Tones,

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2020 Annual General Meeting

Dear members:
At their meeting held September 28, 2020, the Board of Directors made the difficult decision to postpone the Annual General Meeting of Mann Park Lawn Bowling Club currently scheduled for October 21, 2020.

The Board looked into various options that would comply with public health guidelines while still permitting all of our members a voice at the meeting.  We could not find an option that was feasible during current COVID restrictions. 

Recognizing the difficulties that societies are facing in holding their AGMs during the pandemic, the Registrar of Companies in Victoria passed a declaration permitting them to postpone their meeting until no later than November 1, 2021 (see attached). Although we can delay the meeting for a year, the Board hopes to be able to hold our AGM compliant with COVID restrictions in March 2021. That being said, the health and safety of our members will be our primary concern in rescheduling the meeting.

While we will not be holding our AGM this month, a detailed annual report is currently being finalized that summarizes the business that would have been presented at the meeting. I hope to circulate that report to you shortly.

Martha McArthur
Mann Park Lawn Bowling Club

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National Coaches Week – September 19-27, 2020

Mann Park Lawn Bowling Club celebrates their dedicated coaches

viaSport and the Province are celebrating British Columbia and National Coaches Week from September 19 to 27 to recognize coaches across the province for their outstanding commitment to sport and to their communities. 

Your board of directors would like to take this opportunity to recognize our team of coaches, lead by head coach, Geoff Wells, who have given time to welcome new members to the club and to assist active members in expanding their skills.  Geoff has also played an integral role in mentoring his fellow coaches, thus building capacity within MPLBC.

 “Coaches are community leaders and role models who inspire passion for sport and physical activity,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture. 

“Though sport has looked different the past number of months, coaches continue to be crucial support systems for their athletes, especially as each sport moves through their safe return,” said Charlene Krepiakevich, CEO at viaSport. 

During the pandemic, Bowls BC has not permitted active recruitment of new members, nonetheless, MPLBC has been fortunate to attract three new members even in this difficult time.  This summer, Geoff has generously spent time on the green, welcoming and coaching Christine Dodgson, a returning member from 2018, and new members Lucas Loynes and Josip Stasic.  In addition, Geoff has worked with several novice members refreshing their skills.

On behalf of the entire membership, we extend a big thank-you for all you do to our entire coaching team:

  • Helen Brinton, Umpire
  • Geoff Wells, Head Coach
  • Dianne Brynjolfson
  • Ken Cronin
  • Anne Currie
  • Al Dicaire
  • Linda Palm
  • Mike Skinner 
  • Pat Smart
  • Garry Stronach
  • David Tones
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