Robbie Burns Supper – Saturday January 25

Sixty-eight members and guests from White Rock LBC enjoyed a festive dinner at Mann Park celebrating Robbie Burns Day. Many were resplendent in their Scottish attire.

Piper Mike Macdonald lead the way, followed by Bob Stevenson presenting the haggis, while Bob Louden gave the address to the haggis. Thanks to Mike for his toast to the lassies and his wife, Irene, for the toast to the laddies.

Following dinner, the crowd was entertained with Scottish aires by Suede Dogs. The evening concluded with some lively dancing to good old rock and roll tunes.

A busy team of volunteers made the evening possible. Thanks go out to: Martha McArthur, Hilary Callihoo, Corrie Brawley, Sandra Burnett, Sharon Beard, Judy Skinner, Tom Akam, Gerry McArthur, Bernice Day, Alba Boris, Rosella Moloughney, Liv Grete Standal, and Sharron Lyons.

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Christmas Party – December 14, 2019

Saturday December 14, 90 lawn bowlers and guests got together for a delicious Christmas feast at Mann Park. Following the meal we were entertained by Suede Dogs with a carol sing-along and dancing. A holiday gift basket was generously donated by Westcoast Gardens for our door prize.

A big thank-you to all the Christmas elves who helped bring together this festive evening. Under the leadership of Martha McArthur, Hilary Callihoo, and Sharon Lyons we had a very hard-working team:
Set up: Ed Hooper, Craig Carlyle, Bob & Renate Stevenson, Mike Compton, Jim Carter
Baking: Bernice Day, Linda Palm, Pat Edwards, Martha McArthur, Heidi Hendess, Lynn Brauer, Jo Brooks
Dinner: Corrie Brawley, Sharon Avery, Heidi & Harald Hendess, Bob Stevenson, Bernice Day, Bryant Avery, Cory Brawley, Alba Boris, Gill Compton, Pat Macdonald, Krista McArthur
Clean-up: Lynn Brauer, Pat Sinclair, Gaston & Gisele Essiambre
Bar: Sandra Burnett, Christine Dodgshon
50/50: Judy Skinner, Tom Akam

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Celebrating our winners at Awards Day

  • On Saturday September 28, Mann Park celebrated the season’s winners at Awards Day. Thirty bowlers braved the cool wind for a game of bowls before enjoying happy hour and the awards presentations. And the 2019 Award Winners are:


  1. Larry Ridenour & Leo Klarich
  2. Vern Coulter & Bob Stevenson
  3. Ken Cronin & Franco Canil
  4. Heidi & Harald Hendess


  1. Heidi & Harald Hendess
  2. Linda Palm & David Tones
  3. Brian Jackson & Geoff Wells
  4. Renate & Bob Stevenson


  1. Graham Reynolds & Renate Stevenson
  2. Bob Stevenson & Anne Zuk
  3. Larry Ridenour & Barb McLeod
  4. Doug Wrong & Helen Brinton


  1. Bob Stevenson, Sharon Avery, Gerry Jose
  2. David Tones, Craig Carlyle, Linda Higgins
  3. Judy Reid, Gaston Essiambre, Neville Saunders
  4. Pat Smart, Mike Compton, Gael Howard


  1. Linda Higgins
  2. Bryan Prentice
  3. Gaston Essiambre
  4. John Higgins


TIE: April Phillips & Gaston Essiambre


  1. Pat Salvador Team
  2. Dave Edwards Team
  3. Helen Brinton Team
  4. Andy Allerton Team


The Mann Park Men were able to retain the Shield in 2019


  1. Linda Palm
  2. Verna Booth
  3. Sandra Burnett
  4. Linda Cooper


  1. Larry Ridenour
  2. Franco Canil

Following the formalities, everyone relished a steak barbeque put on by our team of kitchen volunteers. A big thanks to Hilary Callihoo and Martha McArthur for their leadership, Sharron Lyons for decorations, Pat Macdonald, Hilary and Martha for the apple crisps, Corie Brawley for coffee station, Judy Skinner for the onions (and yes, the slow cooker method works well), Hilary for the salad, and – stars of the show – Franco Canil, Harald Hendess, with help from Gerry McArthur, for grilling up the beef. Clean-up crew included Heidi and Harald Hendess, Hilary and Pat, Sharron, Gerry and Linda Palm. THANKS EVERYONE!

Next social event is Octoberfest, Sunday October 20. Note our later start at 5:30 pm. We have beer and pretzels, worst and sauerkraut, black forest cake, and, of course, the Oompah Man. Hilary will be square dancing at the clubhouse on Sunday October 6 from 12:00 – 4:30 pm and invites you to drop in a get a ticket ($20 pp). She will also be at the clubhouse October 8, 10, and 15 from 3:30 – 4:30 pm. October 17, from 3:00 – 3:30 pm at the clubhouse will be your last chance for ticket sales.

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Carpet Bowling to start in October

We will be starting winter carpet bowling in October and if you would like to join and find out about it there will be a meeting held on Monday 30th September downstairs in the clubhouse at 10.30 am.

There will be a couple of training sessions for those of you who will be new to carpet bowling and these will be held in the first week of October.

The cost to join for the winter sessions will be $30.

There will be two aggregate leagues, one held on Tuesday afternoons commencing at 1.30pm and starting on 8th October. The other aggregate league will be on Friday mornings at 9.30am starting on 11th October.

Each aggregate will cost $5 to join and a playing fee of $1 each time you play. These funds will be distributed as prize money at the end of the first session just before the Christmas break and at the end of the second session in the early spring.

In addition to the aggregates there will be informal carpet bowling held on Wednesday afternoons at 1.30 pm and on Saturday mornings at 9.30 am.

Coffee will be available for the morning games, and cookies provided if volunteers sign up to bring these.  We will discuss this more fully at the initial meeting on 30th September.

Ed Hooper will be organizing the Wednesday and Saturday ‘drop in’ games and Geoff Wells will be in charge of the Monday and Friday aggregates.

Come and have some fun and keep in touch during the winter.

See you there,

Geoff Wells

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Awards Day Dinner

Awards Day – Saturday September 28

Come out and celebrate our winners.
Steak BBQ
Tickets only $15
Available now from Hilary Callihoo.

Deadline for tickets, Wednesday September 24.

Hilary will be at the clubhouse selling tickets September 24 from 3 pm to 4 pm.

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Women’s Club Championship

first: Linda Palm
second: Verna Booth
third: Sandra Burnett

On Wed Sept 11th and Thurs Sept 12th we held our 2019  with 10 members signed up.  The 4 bowlers who advanced to the Championship playdowns on the 2nd day were: Verna Booth, Sandra Burnett, Linda Palm and Linda Cooper.  Linda Palm and Verna Booth battled in an extremely close match with Linda Palm coming out on top and winning the Championship.  Sandra Burnett won the battle for 3rd place over Linda Cooper.

A big thanks to Gaston Essiambre, Larry Todd, Franco Canil, Harald Hendess and Ken Cronin for volunteering to be the Markers for the event and helping with the set up and clean up.

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A huge thank you to our painting project volunteers!!

By now, most of you have probably seen the inside of our ‘new’ Clubouse and I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks terrific!!

On very short notice, there was a great turn-out of volunteers to repaint the main hall of the Clubhouse, the window frames and some of the doors. It is estimated that 150 hours of volunteer time was donated by our members. Thanks to the following teams who helped with the project. A special thank you to Martha McArthur and Hilary Callihoo who were the team leads throughout the project. The place looks wonderful!!!

Saturday (Prep and partial ceiling painting) 
Franco Cantil & Harald Hendess worked on taking everything off the walls: switch plates, curtains etc.
Martha & Hilary 
Brian Prentice helped sand
Larry Philips and Linda Palm filled in where help was needed

Sunday (painting) 
Gerry McArthur
Ed Hooper
Vern Coulter
Harald Hendess
Pat Macdonald
Linda Palm
Jim Carter

Monday (finishing painting & replacement of switch plates, etc)
Franco replaced all switches and plug-ins with new ones and white plates
Harald and Franco rehung curtains and posters etc.
Martha & Harald painted trim
Hilary cleaned

Tuesday (final set-up day)
Martha painted black
Hilary organized shelves
Mike Skinner, Harald Hendess and Franco moved in new-to-us shelving units
Watch the website for pictures of the speckled-faced painters! 

Overall, I would estimate 150 volunteer hours to get this job completed.
What a crew! What a great result!!! Thanks, everyone!

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Labour Day Photos

Here are the photos from our very successful Labour Day event sponsored by Mastercare Automotive. The event was a success due to numerous volunteers.

Thank-you to all our amazing volunteers!

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Pancake Breakfast Sept 20th

Please join us for a pancake breakfast All welcome On Friday Sept 20th at 9 AM Aggregate Prizes will be handed out


Labor Day Fun sponsored by Mastercare Automotive

Bowling $5
Please wear whites or club colors.
There will be two regular 8-end games starting at 1:00 PM
Happy hour 4 PM
Dinner 5 PM

Tickets $15 for our Corn and Chicken Feast
Available through Hilary Callihoo 604.536.8852
Hilary will be at the clubhouse selling tickets on
August 15, 20, 27 and 29 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

The sponsor for Labor Day is Mastercare Automotive. This is the fourth consecutive year that Mr. Ilham Ali, owner of Mastercare Auto has sponsored the Labor Day event.  Mann Park is appreciative of this ongoing support. 
Mastercare is at 2101-152 St. Surrey          604-531-1238.

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