Maintenance and Safety

Mike Skinner and David Tones did a Maintenance/Safety inspection on the outside area of clubhouse on Saturday, June 13 in preparation for the opening of the green.  In a normal, COVID-19 free year, this would have been done much earlier in the spring.

Weeds are everywhere, including growing out of cracks in the concrete and asphalt.  All these weeds demonstrate that those who pull weeds around clubhouse were missed this spring. Paul has always been very helpful with controlling the weeds but was laid off in March due to COVID-19.  Also, Tony has never seen a weed he can resist pulling.

Numerous cracks in asphalt – the longer we go without filling cracks, the bigger they get! 
Large cracks have been identified along the north perimeter of the green. We hope to repair this newly identified issue as part of the retaining wall replacement project now underway.  We have, therefore, asked Watson Construction to get a quote on this additional work from their asphalt sub-contractor.
Parking lot asphalt and concrete are in an advanced form of deterioration.  Weeds are growing through asphalt and concrete in the parking lot and near the basement entry at back of building. These cracks only become bigger with water damage.  Asphalt and concrete specialists should assess this problem.  Per our Licence of Occupation Agreement with the City of White Rock, maintenance and repair of the parking lot and entryways is our responsibility. 

Green door to patio was in very dilapidated condition and is being replaced with an exterior metal door.   Thanks to Harold Hendess who has volunteered to hang the new door that the Club purchased on Craigslist for $25.00. Thanks also to Heather Berger, our resident “Craiglist specialist,” who found the door on Craigslist and to Dianne Brynjolfson who drove to north Surrey to pick it up.

Brick walkway at top of stairs is sinking causing a tripping hazard. As this was identified as an urgent safety issue, David Tones purchased 50 lbs. of patio sand, lifted the bricks at top of stairs, levelled the sand, and replaced the bricks. He also painted hi-visibility yellow lines on stairs to increase safety.


  1. Areas in need of painting include:
    Steps to Clubhouse main door that Don Akhurst has volunteered to paint.
  2. A yellow warning stripe needs to be painted around the green warning of “Big step down.”
  3. White door at entrance to Club and white concrete wall next to that door need painting. 

  4. Rotting wood on side of Clubhouse including fascia boards, requires immediate attention. 

Perimeter Repair Project
Good news – reconstruction of retaining walls is underway and should be finished towards the end of July.  This is one of the biggest repair projects the Club has undertaken and ensures the future of the green long into the future.

The Directors appreciate the volunteers who participate in the maintenance of our clubhouse and green. We can all take pride in a well-maintained property that is certainly inviting to potential members.  

David Tones

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Some Great News Here!

JUNE 2020

Perimeter Wall Repair

The contractor has now commenced work on the project which is being supervised by member Duane Mattson. To date the Club has received a grant of $22,000 from the New Horizons for Seniors Program and has set aside $22,500 to cover its share of the cost. In addition, thanks to the efforts of members Bryant Avery and Geoff Wells, the City of White Rock has committed the necessary funds to see the project through to completion. This is expected to be in early July.Many members have worked hard over the past year to ensure the success of this undertaking. The board extends sincere appreciation to those members and Duane Mattson for volunteering their time and expertise. The result will be a benefit to our members for years to come.

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Finances

In late March, given that member fees for fiscal 2019-2020 had been waived and the Montessori school was closed, the board decided it was necessary to review our budgeted revenues and expenses to determine the impact of the pandemic on the Club. Accordingly, Tom Akam prepared a cash flow forecast taking into account known deviations from our original budget. Assuming that our application for a gaming grant would be successful, the initial forecast was a balance of $15,000 in our bank account on March 31, 2021. At the end of each month the forecast is updated, the latest estimate being $13,500 as of that date. Fortunately, the Club has been notified that its request for a gaming grant has been approved and that the funds ($9,500) will be deposited to our gaming account this month.It must be recognized that our financial situation would be dire were it not for the Montessori school. To date, rents from the school total $45,000 ($325 per member). Without this income, the Club would be forecasting a cash deficiency on March 31, 2021 and would not have been able to proceed with the perimeter wall repair project. Recognizing future rental income of $41,000 (the lease expires August 31, 2022), the Club will be able to continue upgrading its infrastructure without having to increase membership fees.

Annual Liquor Licence

The licence was applied for on February 4th. The costs incurred to date are the City of White Rock at $2,550 and the Minister of Finance at $2,200. In addition, there will be an assessment of $2,200 for our first year’s licence ― to be deferred until it is prudent to offer wine and beer service to our members.

Historically, the Club has purchased a no-host liquor liability policy at a cost of $1,200 annually. Bowls BC recently informed us that our SBC insurance policy through them will now provide coverage for “social drinking” at no additional premium. The only ongoing cost, therefore, will be an annual licence fee of $250.

Our application was approved by White Rock city council on June 21st subject to staff notifying approximately 50 property owners within 100 meters of the Club of their decision. Those property owners will then have 30 days to express any concerns in writing. The same property owners were notified at the beginning of the process and there was only one response that while acknowledged, had no impact on council’s decision to grant conditional approval.

Before issuing our licence, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) must inspect the licensed area, being the main floor of the clubhouse and the patio. Should renovations/additions be necessary, additional costs will be incurred.

Licence restrictions are:

  • Hours of service are 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM daily.

Beer and wine can only be served by members who have qualified as a ‘Special Event Server.’ Consequently, if the Club is to offer bar service daily, more members will need to obtain their certification. Those interested in doing so are asked to contact Sandra Burnett who will instruct you how to take the online course and arrange for reimbursement of your cost.

  • Alcohol cannot be served when minors are present.
  • Liquor may only be served to members and registered guests of members.

Consequently, whenever the bar is open, guests and the sponsoring member must sign a register to comply with the LCRB regulations.

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MPLBC opens for Phase 1 Bowling June 15

We have GREAT NEWS !

MPLBC has received approval from all required parties and our Board of Directors has approved the opening of Mann Park for Phase 1 Return to Play practice bowling effective Monday, June 15.

There will be no fee for Phase 1 Return to Play Bowling, however, we will be asking participants for a donation each time they bowl ($1 is the suggested amount).

When we move to Phase 2 Pairs Games, later in the summer, there may be a fee, or we may continue with the donation approach, depending upon how well the clubs’ costs are covered. Our current greens maintenance budget is $15,500.

The Games Committee has worked diligently to draft rules and process that will ensure that our members can enjoy bowling and STAY SAFE. Please click on the link below to open the document and read it very carefully, making sure you understand the guidelines.


Bowlers will be required to complete and sign three forms in order to participate:

SYMPTOM SCREENING FORM (please print back to back so form can be used 8 times)



You will only need to sign the RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM the first time you visit the club. The SYMPTOM SCREENING FORM will need to be completed every day you enter the club facilities. These documents are a requirement of the organizations that govern our sport: Bowls BC, and ViaSport. In order to cut our cost, we ask you to please print the documents at home if possible. The WAIVER and SYMPTOM SCREENING forms should be printed back to back. If you are not able to print them at home, we will have extra copies at the club but we ask that you read the content and be ready to sign them upon arrival. Failure to sign the required forms will prevent the member from entering the property.

We are looking for VOLUNTEERS to help us as COORDINATORS. The responsibilities are outlined on page 5 of the Guidelines for Phase 1 RTP and we are hoping that with enough people it will be for only one time slot. If you are available to volunteer please let us know when you send in your request for practice time.

If you have not picked up your bowls or equipment from the locker room please let us know and we will give you a time to pick them up. The clubhouse, locker room and equipment shed are closed during Phase 1 bowling.

The biggest change is that you can not just show up to play. Each bowler will have to book his/her times in advance as per the directions on page 6 in the Guidelines for Phase 1 RTP.

Should anyone have any questions please contact any member of the Games Committee or send it to us via email.

This is new territory for everyone and we ask everyone to have patience as we all work through these difficult times together.


Games Committee Chair – Ed Hooper

Assistant Chair – Dianne Brynjolfson and Gaston Essiambre

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Please collect items from your locker

The Board is pleased that the perimeter repair is finally underway and the contractor will be setting up at Mann Park the week of June 8. When we re-open for Phase 1 bowling the clubhouse will be closed, therefore, any members who still have their bowls or other needed possessions in their lockers will have to retrieve them no later than this coming Sunday, June 7 .

The games committee continues to work diligently under the direction of Bowls Canada and Bowls BC to prepare to open the club for practice and coaching.  We will advise you when it is safe to resume bowling.

Dave Edwards
Vice President  

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Safety Measures During These Uncertain Times

To all members of Mann Park Lawn Bowling Club:

As you are no doubt aware, the Board of Directors has closed the green and the club house until further notice. This was not an easy decision but one that complies with federal, provincial, and municipal restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, the Board has passed a motion to extend your 2019 membership to April 2021 with no additional membership fee. This follows the Bowls BC requirement for our liability insurance to continue. 

When we are able to resume bowling, the fees for the remaining season will be reviewed. 

Our primary concern is the health and well-being of our members.  Please stay home and stay well.

David Tones,



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End of Carpet Bowling Season

We are coming to the end of the carpet bowling second session and our last day will be Friday 20th March.

We will start the fun session of games at 10.15 am, so please be there by 10 o’clock latest which will be followed by a luncheon at noon. Ken will be doing the shopping for the supplies and Alba and Franco and his wife, Lori, will be preparing the meals. Bring an extra couple of loonies with you so that we can have some cash prizes for that morning’s lucky winners.

Due to the few bowlers attending the Friday aggregate and having coffee our funds are down and the cost for the above meal will be $5 each. Please pay me prior to the day.

As usual there will be cash prizes handed out after the meal for the Tuesday and Friday aggregates, so come and join in the fun and fellowship.

Thanks to all those of you who have participated in carpet bowling, we have all had some fun sessions and good times together.



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Want a cool one?

bar tenders

Mann Park LBC has many functions throughout the year when the bar has to be open, and yet we don’t have enough bartenders to cover all the various events.  Two of our bartenders recently moved out of the area and so we need more members to step up and take the simple exam on line, so they can help out in the bar.  The club will refund the cost of your test, so all we would need of you after passing the test, is an occasional hour or so of your time.

Here is the link to the test – very easy so please consider taking the test!

Everyone wants the bar to be open, but if there’s not enough volunteers to man the bar, then there’s a problem!
We have applied for a permanent year round license so will definitely need more volunteers in the future.
Thanks to everyone who applies.  It’s fun to work behind the bar!

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St. Patrick’s Day Social

Saturday March 14, 2020

Happy Hour: 5:00 pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm

Entertainment and dancing with Suede Dogs to follow.

Tickets $20.00

Hilary Callihoo will be at the clubhouse on the following dates selling tickets:

  • Saturday February 29, 11 am – noon
  • Saturday March 7, 11 am – noon
  • Tuesday March 3, 3:30 – 4:30 pm
  • Tuesday March 10, 3:30 – 4:30 pm

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Robbie Burns Supper – Saturday January 25

Sixty-eight members and guests from White Rock LBC enjoyed a festive dinner at Mann Park celebrating Robbie Burns Day. Many were resplendent in their Scottish attire.

Piper Mike Macdonald lead the way, followed by Bob Stevenson presenting the haggis, while Bob Louden gave the address to the haggis. Thanks to Mike for his toast to the lassies and his wife, Irene, for the toast to the laddies.

Following dinner, the crowd was entertained with Scottish aires by Suede Dogs. The evening concluded with some lively dancing to good old rock and roll tunes.

A busy team of volunteers made the evening possible. Thanks go out to: Martha McArthur, Hilary Callihoo, Corrie Brawley, Sandra Burnett, Sharon Beard, Judy Skinner, Tom Akam, Gerry McArthur, Bernice Day, Alba Boris, Rosella Moloughney, Liv Grete Standal, and Sharron Lyons.

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Christmas Party – December 14, 2019

Saturday December 14, 90 lawn bowlers and guests got together for a delicious Christmas feast at Mann Park. Following the meal we were entertained by Suede Dogs with a carol sing-along and dancing. A holiday gift basket was generously donated by Westcoast Gardens for our door prize.

A big thank-you to all the Christmas elves who helped bring together this festive evening. Under the leadership of Martha McArthur, Hilary Callihoo, and Sharon Lyons we had a very hard-working team:
Set up: Ed Hooper, Craig Carlyle, Bob & Renate Stevenson, Mike Compton, Jim Carter
Baking: Bernice Day, Linda Palm, Pat Edwards, Martha McArthur, Heidi Hendess, Lynn Brauer, Jo Brooks
Dinner: Corrie Brawley, Sharon Avery, Heidi & Harald Hendess, Bob Stevenson, Bernice Day, Bryant Avery, Cory Brawley, Alba Boris, Gill Compton, Pat Macdonald, Krista McArthur
Clean-up: Lynn Brauer, Pat Sinclair, Gaston & Gisele Essiambre
Bar: Sandra Burnett, Christine Dodgshon
50/50: Judy Skinner, Tom Akam

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