2022 Carpet Bowling Season

Indoor Carpet Bowling

The 2022 carpet bowling season report

We had a dozen players for the two winter sessions for carpet bowling this year which concluded last Friday, March 24th, with cash prizes given to players followed by a wind up luncheon at Boston Pizza.

We played two aggregate games each week, one on Tuesday afternoons and the other on Friday mornings and two novice players took the first and second places in the Tuesday aggregates. All those who participated had fun and it was good to keep in touch with members during the winter months.

Mann Park LBC is fortunate in having two indoor bowling rinks in the basement of the clubhouse with special smaller bowls supplied for players use which are smaller in size than those used in lawn bowling.

For those members who have not played carpet bowling before it is similar to lawn bowling in concept but with a very different ‘feel’ as it takes little effort to deliver the bowls and, being on a carpet surface, a different point of aim as the bias of the bowls is more pronounced.

Come and give it a try in the fall when we get ready to start following the finish of lawn bowling.

Any questions call Geoff Wells or Mike Compton for further information.

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