Labour Day FUN!!!

When you add the Social component to our lawn bowling it adds up to A LOT OF FUN, and that is what we all had on Sept 5th at our Labour Day Fun Day!

Our sponsor for the day was Ilham Ali, of Mastercare Automotive. Ilham has been supporting Mann Park since 2015 and first came on board thanks to former member Bill Wainwright. Many of our members can attest to the fact that you will receive excellent workmanship on your vehicle, while saving a lot of money. Many members who have used his services are happy to recommend him. You will find his business cards on the bulletin board. Mention that you are from Mann Park and he will honour his currently posted prices of $44.95 for an Oil Change (synthetic oil is higher), and $64.95 for the Maintenance package, which otherwise are going up in September.

We started Labour Day off with a group photo, followed by a quick Spider Bowl. Five jacks were out on the green, and members spread out on all four sides. At the signal everyone rolled one bowl at the same time. The bowl that landed nearest to each of the five jacks then had a five dollar bill placed under it! Following that, we bowled two 8-end games. The first was a fun one, “Bowling in the River”, then the skips traded teams, changed rinks and bowled a regular game.

48 members had a fun afternoon of bowling in perfect weather, and 64 joined us for dinner. Our delicious Greek feast was catered by Kiki’s restaurant. Afterwards our meal was topped off by the delicious cake supplied by Geoff and Mary Wells who were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary (married Aug 25, 1962!).

Prizes were awarded following dinner. We paid prizes for first to fifth places, as well as last and 2nd-to-last places, plus a wild card draw from the non winners of each game. So, 8 teams in each game were winners!

Our Labour Day meal was the first time where everyone was hoping to be sitting at the last table called to dinner! Gaston had come up with a fun game where the last table called up would win money. A glass had been set on each table, and all who wished to participate placed one loonie per person in the glass. Each table drew a playing card. Once all the tables had a card, Gaston then started drawing cards from his matching set. Tables went up in the order that their cards were drawn. Ie, if he called the 10 of hearts, the table with the 10 of hearts went up to the buffet. The last table to be called for dinner won all the money. When it came down to just two tables left to be called, Gaston asked if they would like to split the winnings. One of the tables chose not to, and unfortunately for them their table was called next, so the other table was the last table up for dinner…and were the lucky winners of $54!

We had a successful 50/50 draw for the club as well as selling raffle tickets for the Oceana PARC gift basket. Oceana PARC’s gift basket will be drawn on Oct. 1st, at Awards Day.

Finally, thank you to the many volunteers made this event a success.  The volunteers who:
set-up and decorated inside
worked in the kitchen
tended the bar
Served the food
set-up all the outdoor equipment
performed numerous other jobs
Coordinated everything, our games committee!!
and to those who stayed after dinner and helped tear down all the tables and chairs, and carry Montessori’s belongings up from the shed in order that Fay could set up and be ready by the next day, the first day of school Tuesday Sept 6th! She was very grateful, and has sent an email thanking our members.

Our successful Labour Day Fun Day was the result of a great group effort by many volunteers. Thank you everyone!

90 pictures from the day: 

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