White Rock Farmer’s Market and May 7th Open House

White Rock Farmer’s Market

On Sunday, May 1st we set-up a booth at the White Rock Farmer’s Market to promote Lawn Bowling at Mann Park and our Open Houses of May 7th and June 4th.  We had a lot of people stop by to ask questions and even try rolling a few bowls.

We would like to thank the following members who helped set-up, promote the club and take down our canopy.  Bryant & Sharon Avery, Vinod Bakshi, Craig Carlyle, Gina & Jim Guszowaty, Dianne Brynjolfson and Gaston Essiambre.

A special thank you to Dianne who was able to negotiate a great deal for the use of a canopy for both of our Farmer’s Market (next one is May 29) in order to protect our volunteers from the elements.   We also would like to express our gratitude to all the current and past members who dropped by to show their support.

Open House – May 7th

To coincide with our Farmer’s Market attendance, an Open House was scheduled for Saturday, May 7th.  The weather co-operated and we had 13 new people attend as well as a few people returned from our previous Open House of April 29th.

We would like to thank Mike Skinner for coming in early to roll the Green. The following people applied their coaching skills to teach prospective new members the basic and proper way to Lawn Bowl.

Pat Smart, David Tones, Geoff Wells, Derek Watling, Stan Turner, Gary Stronach and Al Dicaire.

Hilary Callihoo and Pat MacDonald – Managed the kitchen, provided goodies, and kept our coffee and tea urns full for everyone to enjoy.

Annetta Brownsword and Pat Edwards – Handled our Membership Table to answer any questions the prospective members may have had.

Linda Higgins was available to sell soft drinks and water and prepared to open the bar after the end of the day.

The following people helped in setting up, putting & taking down the flags, serving as greeters, ambassadors, and rollers; Dave Edwards, Gina Guszowaty, Vinod Bakshi, Shirley Friend, Lynn Brauer, Jim Carter, Harald Hendess, Franco Canil, Ed Virgo, Helen Virgo, Gisele Essiambre, Bryant Avery, Dianne Brynjolfson and Gaston Essiambre.

Many other members showed up to socialize which was great as it created a buzz and very lively club atmosphere. Once again, we would like to thank everyone who helped in any fashion or showed up.

Below are links for photos from both the Farmer’s Market and Open House.  Thank you, Dianne for taking the photos.

White Rock Farmer’s Market Photos

Mann Park Open House Photos

Gaston Essiambre


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