Saturday April 9th fun night

We had just over 30 people turn out for our Saturday April 9th Fun Night, including returning member 
Franco Canil,
and new members Jim Guszowaty and Karen Lepine, and Karen’s husband Craig.

Welcome to Mann Park!

Thank you to Gaston and Gisele Essiambre for picking up the pizza.

Thank you to Lynn BrauerPat Edwards and Gisele Essiambre for serving up the pizza.

An extra big thank you to Pat Sinclair for treating all of us to ice cream bars for dessert!

And last, but certainly not least…thank you to Sharon Beard and Linda Higgins for tending the bar, and Hilary Callihoo for selling Opening Day Luncheon Tickets.

Games being played last night included Bridge, 5 Crowns, Farkle, Horse Race and Canasta.

Click link for photos of Sat. April 9th Fun Night.

Our next Saturday Fun Night will be on May 14th.The Games Schedule and the 2022 Calendar of events is posted at the club, and can be found on the Mann Park website by clicking on

Then click on the calendar pictured there.

Then click on “2022 Calendar of Events”. The month of April will show up first. (please make note of April 23 Open house, and April 30 Opening Day Ceremony, lunch and bowling). Note: April 30th bowling follows lunch and is the first day of draw bowling.

For May through September bowling info click on the monthly tabs found across the bottom of the calendar.

Games Committee,

Dianne and Gaston 

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