Carpet Bowling is back!!

We were able to get the protective carpet that covers the carpet bowling playing surfaces rolled up and stowed away under the benches. This was done by Mike Compton, Tony Numans and Larry Todd who provided the muscle, time and energy so that carpet bowling can commence once again after a long absence. Mike also vacuumed the rink and all is ready now for the coaching on Monday and Thursday of next week for the members who will be new to this sport.

Without their assistance this would not have been possible.

Mike has agreed to work with me in organizing the games and aggregates and we look forward to a fun season now that the lawn bowling is coming to an end.

We could do with a few more folk to sign up as we only have a dozen who have done so at this point.

Anyway, that’s brings us up to date with the activity that has been going on downstairs.

The cost for playing during the winter is $30.

Come and have some fun and keep in touch during the winter!!

See you there.

Geoff Wells

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