Sept 11th Fun Night

Sept 11th had a very sad start with the passing of Ed Hooper, a devoted MP member who was dear to many of us, and was liked and respected by all who had the opportunity of getting to know him. 

Sept. 11th ended in a manner in which he would have been very pleased with, and proud to see…. our 6th Saturday Fun Night, during which six of our guests signed up as Social Members!

On behalf of MPLBC, I am very pleased to welcome to our club Rosie TocksteinRajeev & Bharti SaincherKen & Rebecca Jacobs, and Doreen Barton. They were amongst the crowd of 48 enjoying an evening of good food and fun. Despite the damp weather, 16 members still  bowled, plus Pat Smart gave lessons to 3 keen guests!

We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner for which Bernice Day had prepared delicious pulled pork sandwiches, Al Dicaire and Garry Stronach prepared coleslaw, Tom Collins and Derek Watling supplied two large trays of sushi, and Rob & Vinod Bakshi brought Tandori chicken. For dessert Gaston & Gisele Essiambre treated us with Timbits, and Rajeev & Bharti Saincher treated us to ice-cream and yogurt bars. What a feast! In addition to those already  mentioned above, Corrie Brawley, and Bob & Renate Stevenson helped Bernice, Al and Garry get all the food organized and served up.

The hard working ladies in the bar (who also did the dishes!) were Linda Higgins and Gisele Essiambre.

Additional volunteers last night included Jen Mulhern who was busy recording everyone’s vaccination status, and Hilary Callihoo who was selling tickets for our Awards Day dinner which follows the bowling and happy hour on Saturday September 25th. 

Photos from Sept 11 can be enjoyed by clicking on the link below.

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