2021 Cut-Throat Championship

It’s everyone for themselves!

That’s why it’s called cut-throat

Congratulations to Stan Turner on winning the
2021 Cut-Throat Club Championship.

Due to how fast Tuesday’s games went, the Cut-Throat Club Championship was completed on the first day. Playing in the final game with Stan were, Mike Skinner (2nd place) and Dave Edwards (3rd). Also vying for this title were Bryan Prentice, Wolf Renner (first time ever playing Cut-Throat!) and Dianne Brynjolfson.

Thank you to today Markers, Garry Stronach and Gaston Essiambre. Pictured with the three finalists is convenor Gaston Essiambre presenting the trophy.

2021 cut-throat winners. Left to right: Dave Edwards, Mike Skinner and Stan Turner. Convener Gaston Essiambre
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