First Saturday Fun Night!

Wow, what a successful first

Saturday Fun Night!

We had 27 people show up for the Saturday PM bowling, and close to 40 for the Fun Night portion!

While still bowling, people were treated to the beautiful strains of piano music coming from inside thanks to Garry Stronach. Thanks also go to the hard working ladies in the bar on Saturday night…Carol Hartnett and Linda Higgins.

Delicious hot dogs were followed by indoor games, Mexican Train, crib, and a couple others. Bring whatever you might like to play, and share/teach friends your favorite game.

A huge thank you to Bob and Renate Stevenson for doing the shopping, organizing the food, and getting Saturday nights off the ground! Barbeque Bob looked right at home grilling up the dogs.

Next week Harald Hendess is going to help Bob at the BBQ and they will be grilling up tasty burgers. You will have a choice of chicken or beef.

Please use the sign up sheet at the club to indicate which burger you will want, and how many. If you aren’t going to be at the club, then please send an email to It certainly helps the chefs if they know how many people to expect. 

Don’t forget you can bring a guest(s) to these evenings.
The more the merrier.

Bring whatever game you might like to play, and share/teach friends your favorite game.

Hope to see you at our Aug 14th fun night!

For additional photos click here

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