MPLBC Moves To Phase 1 Bowling with New Fees

Phase 1 donations have been gratefully received, however, they have not covered the costs of maintaining the green. Therefore, at the Board meeting held July 20, the directors agreed that the $1 suggested donation be changed to a $2 fee per visit.

In addition,  more active bowling members now have the option to pay a $50 flat fee for Phase 2 Bowling.( $50 for the balance of the bowling season is not only a more economical choice for many of our active bowling members – it’s more convenient.) Members who are playing less often may continue to choose paying each time they bowl, but at the new $2 fee. 

We understand  that some members of Mann Park have chosen to not participate in bowling during Covid Rules. We look forward to seeing these members back on the green in 2021.The Board of Directors asks all members to consider making a donation to the club to assure that we will have adequate operating funds until next year’s membership dues are paid (April 2021). Any donation is appreciated, however our goal is an average donation of $35.  We understand that Covid Times are placing a financial hardship on some, and therefore ask that you support the club with a donation that you are comfortable with. 

Members may place their cheques in the collection box when they bowl, or mail them to the club.  ( P.O.Box 75314, Surrey BC, V4A 0B1)   

Thank you for supporting your club.  

On behalf of the Board,
Dave Edwards,
Vice President 

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