MPLBC opens for Phase 2 Bowling on July 27

Great News! We have just received confirmation that our Phase 2 Guidelines have been approved by Bowls BC.

Bowlers will have a choice of paying $2 per visit or a flat $50 for unlimited games during Phase 2.

Please read the Phase 2 Guidelines before you come to bowl. You must Acknowledge you have read, understand, and agree to follow the guidelines by signing the Phase 2 Guidelines Acknowledgement Form. If you have been bowling during Phase 1, on your next visit to the club you will not need a Phase 2 Guidelines Acknowledgment Form but rather just need to initial and date the label placed on your Phase 1 Guidelines Acknowledgement Form previously submitted.

In order to save you some time, we’ve identified the major changes from Phase 1. Please make sure you read those changes:

  • 1.1 Games Allowed 
  • 1.8 & 1.9 Visitors
  • 1.10 Maximum number of members on the property
  • 2.2 Washroom
  • 3.1 Equipment Shed
  • 3.4 Usage of Rakes
  • 4.2 Access Reminder
  • 5.8 Measuring
  • 6.2 Phase 2 Acknowledgement Form or initial label
  • 10. Addition of Assistant to coordinator to help with the duties
  • 10.2 Hand Rails
  • 10.4 Rakes
  • 10.5 Equipment Shed
  • 10.11 Rakes
  • 12. Failure to Follow Guidelines

The Games Committee has prepared for your reference Guidelines for Rake Usage.

If you have not bowled in Phase 1, you’ll need to sign the following forms, copies of which are also available at the club:

We’ve had members help us as coordinators and we are very appreciative of the help they have given us. We hope that when we identify you as one of the two coordinators for a time slot you will lend a helping hand.

Games Committee
Ed Hooper, Dianne Brynjolfson & Gaston Essiambre

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