Maintenance and Safety

Mike Skinner and David Tones did a Maintenance/Safety inspection on the outside area of clubhouse on Saturday, June 13 in preparation for the opening of the green.  In a normal, COVID-19 free year, this would have been done much earlier in the spring.

Weeds are everywhere, including growing out of cracks in the concrete and asphalt.  All these weeds demonstrate that those who pull weeds around clubhouse were missed this spring. Paul has always been very helpful with controlling the weeds but was laid off in March due to COVID-19.  Also, Tony has never seen a weed he can resist pulling.

Numerous cracks in asphalt – the longer we go without filling cracks, the bigger they get! 
Large cracks have been identified along the north perimeter of the green. We hope to repair this newly identified issue as part of the retaining wall replacement project now underway.  We have, therefore, asked Watson Construction to get a quote on this additional work from their asphalt sub-contractor.
Parking lot asphalt and concrete are in an advanced form of deterioration.  Weeds are growing through asphalt and concrete in the parking lot and near the basement entry at back of building. These cracks only become bigger with water damage.  Asphalt and concrete specialists should assess this problem.  Per our Licence of Occupation Agreement with the City of White Rock, maintenance and repair of the parking lot and entryways is our responsibility. 

Green door to patio was in very dilapidated condition and is being replaced with an exterior metal door.   Thanks to Harold Hendess who has volunteered to hang the new door that the Club purchased on Craigslist for $25.00. Thanks also to Heather Berger, our resident “Craiglist specialist,” who found the door on Craigslist and to Dianne Brynjolfson who drove to north Surrey to pick it up.

Brick walkway at top of stairs is sinking causing a tripping hazard. As this was identified as an urgent safety issue, David Tones purchased 50 lbs. of patio sand, lifted the bricks at top of stairs, levelled the sand, and replaced the bricks. He also painted hi-visibility yellow lines on stairs to increase safety.


  1. Areas in need of painting include:
    Steps to Clubhouse main door that Don Akhurst has volunteered to paint.
  2. A yellow warning stripe needs to be painted around the green warning of “Big step down.”
  3. White door at entrance to Club and white concrete wall next to that door need painting. 

  4. Rotting wood on side of Clubhouse including fascia boards, requires immediate attention. 

Perimeter Repair Project
Good news – reconstruction of retaining walls is underway and should be finished towards the end of July.  This is one of the biggest repair projects the Club has undertaken and ensures the future of the green long into the future.

The Directors appreciate the volunteers who participate in the maintenance of our clubhouse and green. We can all take pride in a well-maintained property that is certainly inviting to potential members.  

David Tones

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