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JUNE 2020

Perimeter Wall Repair

The contractor has now commenced work on the project which is being supervised by member Duane Mattson. To date the Club has received a grant of $22,000 from the New Horizons for Seniors Program and has set aside $22,500 to cover its share of the cost. In addition, thanks to the efforts of members Bryant Avery and Geoff Wells, the City of White Rock has committed the necessary funds to see the project through to completion. This is expected to be in early July.Many members have worked hard over the past year to ensure the success of this undertaking. The board extends sincere appreciation to those members and Duane Mattson for volunteering their time and expertise. The result will be a benefit to our members for years to come.

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Finances

In late March, given that member fees for fiscal 2019-2020 had been waived and the Montessori school was closed, the board decided it was necessary to review our budgeted revenues and expenses to determine the impact of the pandemic on the Club. Accordingly, Tom Akam prepared a cash flow forecast taking into account known deviations from our original budget. Assuming that our application for a gaming grant would be successful, the initial forecast was a balance of $15,000 in our bank account on March 31, 2021. At the end of each month the forecast is updated, the latest estimate being $13,500 as of that date. Fortunately, the Club has been notified that its request for a gaming grant has been approved and that the funds ($9,500) will be deposited to our gaming account this month.It must be recognized that our financial situation would be dire were it not for the Montessori school. To date, rents from the school total $45,000 ($325 per member). Without this income, the Club would be forecasting a cash deficiency on March 31, 2021 and would not have been able to proceed with the perimeter wall repair project. Recognizing future rental income of $41,000 (the lease expires August 31, 2022), the Club will be able to continue upgrading its infrastructure without having to increase membership fees.

Annual Liquor Licence

The licence was applied for on February 4th. The costs incurred to date are the City of White Rock at $2,550 and the Minister of Finance at $2,200. In addition, there will be an assessment of $2,200 for our first year’s licence ― to be deferred until it is prudent to offer wine and beer service to our members.

Historically, the Club has purchased a no-host liquor liability policy at a cost of $1,200 annually. Bowls BC recently informed us that our SBC insurance policy through them will now provide coverage for “social drinking” at no additional premium. The only ongoing cost, therefore, will be an annual licence fee of $250.

Our application was approved by White Rock city council on June 21st subject to staff notifying approximately 50 property owners within 100 meters of the Club of their decision. Those property owners will then have 30 days to express any concerns in writing. The same property owners were notified at the beginning of the process and there was only one response that while acknowledged, had no impact on council’s decision to grant conditional approval.

Before issuing our licence, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) must inspect the licensed area, being the main floor of the clubhouse and the patio. Should renovations/additions be necessary, additional costs will be incurred.

Licence restrictions are:

  • Hours of service are 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM daily.

Beer and wine can only be served by members who have qualified as a ‘Special Event Server.’ Consequently, if the Club is to offer bar service daily, more members will need to obtain their certification. Those interested in doing so are asked to contact Sandra Burnett who will instruct you how to take the online course and arrange for reimbursement of your cost.

  • Alcohol cannot be served when minors are present.
  • Liquor may only be served to members and registered guests of members.

Consequently, whenever the bar is open, guests and the sponsoring member must sign a register to comply with the LCRB regulations.

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