End of Carpet Bowling Season

We are coming to the end of the carpet bowling second session and our last day will be Friday 20th March.

We will start the fun session of games at 10.15 am, so please be there by 10 o’clock latest which will be followed by a luncheon at noon. Ken will be doing the shopping for the supplies and Alba and Franco and his wife, Lori, will be preparing the meals. Bring an extra couple of loonies with you so that we can have some cash prizes for that morning’s lucky winners.

Due to the few bowlers attending the Friday aggregate and having coffee our funds are down and the cost for the above meal will be $5 each. Please pay me prior to the day.

As usual there will be cash prizes handed out after the meal for the Tuesday and Friday aggregates, so come and join in the fun and fellowship.

Thanks to all those of you who have participated in carpet bowling, we have all had some fun sessions and good times together.



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