A huge thank you to our painting project volunteers!!

By now, most of you have probably seen the inside of our ‘new’ Clubouse and I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks terrific!!

On very short notice, there was a great turn-out of volunteers to repaint the main hall of the Clubhouse, the window frames and some of the doors. It is estimated that 150 hours of volunteer time was donated by our members. Thanks to the following teams who helped with the project. A special thank you to Martha McArthur and Hilary Callihoo who were the team leads throughout the project. The place looks wonderful!!!

Saturday (Prep and partial ceiling painting) 
Franco Cantil & Harald Hendess worked on taking everything off the walls: switch plates, curtains etc.
Martha & Hilary 
Brian Prentice helped sand
Larry Philips and Linda Palm filled in where help was needed

Sunday (painting) 
Gerry McArthur
Ed Hooper
Vern Coulter
Harald Hendess
Pat Macdonald
Linda Palm
Jim Carter

Monday (finishing painting & replacement of switch plates, etc)
Franco replaced all switches and plug-ins with new ones and white plates
Harald and Franco rehung curtains and posters etc.
Martha & Harald painted trim
Hilary cleaned

Tuesday (final set-up day)
Martha painted black
Hilary organized shelves
Mike Skinner, Harald Hendess and Franco moved in new-to-us shelving units
Watch the website for pictures of the speckled-faced painters! 

Overall, I would estimate 150 volunteer hours to get this job completed.
What a crew! What a great result!!! Thanks, everyone!

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