Thank-you to our Victoria Day sponsors

Hi everyone,
This letter has been sent thanking our Victoria Day sponsors
 Ron and Jen Mulhern:
Hi, Firstly I apologize for not spending more time to speak with you both, but I was quite intent on sorting out the prizes.  I hope we gave them out to your satisfaction. The membership was very happy with the outcome.  The club would like to thank you for your generosity and say how much we appreciate your sponsorship, long may it last.
It was a great pleasure to meet you both and hope you enjoyed your day, so many thanks once again.
On behalf of the club,
The sponsors have replied that they enjoyed the day even with the rain, I hope all who took part also enjoyed the games and hope you purchased a drink with your winnings. Ron and Jen were very generous and have expressed their wish to repeat it next year, so we can look forward to another fun day. Thanks to all for helping, taking part and enduring the rain.

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