2016 League Information

Hi Everyone….

Just wanted you to know that the sign-up sheets for our competitive evening leagues will be posted at the SAGM on April 13, as follows:

Aussie Pairs at 6 pm on Tuesday, May 10, with Mixed Pairs at 6 pm on Thursday, May 12…14 ends per game for 7 weeks. These are teams of choice (2 skips or skip/vice ok) but you must sign up as a team, not individually. Entry is $10 per person.

A new Mixed Triples League will be added this year on Wednesday, May 18 starting at 9:30 am. This is not a teams of choice league and two skips are not permitted. I would encourage our 1st, 2nd and 3rd year bowlers to sign up for a little competition – 14 ends and 7 weeks. Entry $10 per person.

Tri-Cities League starts Wednesday, June 1 with the first game in Langley. MP is hosting the league this year and must enter four mixed triples teams. Several bowlers from last year have said they are interested, but again, you must sign up as a team. $75 per team – 11 weeks with the Mayor’s Shield as the 12th game. You are guaranteed a spot if two members from 2015 are entered. If more than four teams enter, a play down will be held to determine the 4th team. Please don’t wait for me to nag you.

Questions? Wanda Taylor

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