Daily Draw 2016 Season


Weather permitting, Mann Park L.B.C. will launch its 2016 season with the onset of May.
The Club offers numerous opportunities for members to participate, but probably the most noteworthy is our daily draw. On 6 afternoons each week (excluding only Friday) during the entire season, members, regardless of skill level, are able to bowl in an open draw format and friendly/competitive atmosphere.
For this system to function smoothly, however, support from volunteers (preferably 2 per session) is essential to:-
a) open the clubhouse and raise the flag,
b) set up greens on the correct color with all the equipment,
c) call the draw and
d) oversee the return of all equipment and ensure the clubhouse is fully secured after the finish of games.
Management of the daily draw 1 day a week for a month ideally calls for a total of 60 volunteers.
No-one needs to feel hesitant about offering their services. We can always pair you with a “veteran”. For example, Bill Wainwright has already offered to act as drawmaster on Wednesdays in June, July, August and September if need be. (Frankly, the undersigned sincerely hopes members will concur in not wishing to see his generosity needing to be depended upon quite so heavily).
The undersigned is the designated Drawmaster for 2016 season and can be contacted directly at:-
E.mail – gandcpotter@shaw.ca
Tel. No. – 604-531-8211
The Club is looking forward to receipt of a flock of positive responses as a way to aid the achievement of a thoroughly enjoyable season of bowling for the entire membership.

Gerry Potter

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