To Mann Park Bowlers
From Bryant Avery, Club President

The summer of 2015 lawn bowling season at Mann Park has begun with a hectic rush.
We had 56 bowlers on Saturday at the Official Opening Ceremony, and another six lanes of bowlers on both Sunday and Monday.
About 15-20 of the NOVICES have bowled in the three draws, and we hope the others will soon appear. Coaching continues.

Here’s a reminder to those unfamiliar with our daily rhythm:
The open draws for everyone are at 1:15 p.m., except on Friday. You should be there by 1 p.m. to get your name tags into the draw.

At this coming Saturday’s afternoon draw, May 9th, we will hold a GRADUATION CEREMONY for the Class of 2015.
There will be the usual draw/game, of course, so be there by 1 p.m.
Before the games start, we’ll introduce the NOVICES to everyone, and acknowledge all the work that the coaches and their helpers have put into this spring’s opening.
After the games, about 3:15 or so, we’ll cut a big cake and have coffee/tea.
COME OUT AND MEET THE NEW GANG. They are a great bunch.

Starting this Friday evening (May 8) and for other Fridays throughout the summer, stop by the club and practise, play a pick-up game, or bring a friend to show them what bowling is all about.
These are not organized events. Come any time in the evening and enjoy the camaraderie, even if you choose not to bowl.
Our first big Friday evening open house — a pizza night — will be in mid-June.

As Games Guru Wanda Taylor has announced, Friday and Monday Aggregate Leagues start on May 8 and May 11, respectively.
Let me add two points.
a) Novices are welcome — nay, encouraged to participate in either or both.
b) The two aggregates run all summer. You do NOT need to sign up ahead of time for either one. Simply show up, pay your one-time $5 entry fee (plus a loonie per game played). Come as often as you can. If you miss games, it doesn’t matter. You can sign up anytime and bowl as often as you want. Prize money at the end of the summer.
**Friday the 8th: snacks and coffee starting at 8:30 a.m. Draw at 9:15 a.m. and bowling will start about 9:30 a.m. when the Friday morning mowing is completed. We are usually done by 11:30.
**Monday the 11th: 1:15 p.m. (Be there by 1 p.m., or earlier).

Finally, director Geoff Wells has concluded a preliminary accounting of our membership — an accounting that shifts daily.
We have 39 new registrants, many of them still being trained.
But we also may have lost over 30 people from last year’s membership, due to a wide range of reasons.
The lesson is clear. We would love to sign up more people, even if it takes an extra week or so to get them trained and integrated.
Twice last weekend, I heard a rumour that we don’t want any more novices because we’ve got so many of them already signed up.
That is emphatically NOT so.
A club must not rest on its laurels, lest we R.I.P.
Bring ’em on.

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