SPENDING PRIORITIES: 2015 and beyond‏

Fellow bowlers:
This winter, your executive committee is focusing on what projects need to be budgeted in the next year or two.

We have some items on the table for consideration, but want to hear if the members have projects to add to the list.

Here are four projects already up for discussion by the executive committee:
1) Replacing our aging roof.
2) Purchasing a new mower.
3) Replacing some or all the plinths (boards) around the greens.
4) Erecting a sign along 16 Avenue to promote club events.

We may not have the funds for all these projects. We need to establish priorities.

If you have any suggestions, large or small, email them directly to:
bryantavery@gmail.com, or call one of the executives.
(Please do NOT reply to this club email.)

Thank you.

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