September News

A reminder that bowling at Mann Park, especially the daily draws, will continue for another four weeks or so. Come out and enjoy the sun until the rains arrive and we need to core and sand the greens. It’s possible we may go into the second week of October!!!
A special note to novices: With leagues done for the year, a larger number of the club’s veteran bowlers are likely to attend the draws. It’s a great opportunity for novices to improve their bowling skills.

There is no regular bowling on Sunday the 7th because the Waring Trophy competition against the White Rock club will be held simultaneously at both clubs, starting at 1 p.m. If you are not on a team, come out and cheer.

When we can no longer bowl on the greens, there are alternatives. One warm and comfy option is carpet bowling in the Mann Park basement, usually four days a week. Talk to Vera Roberts about fee, dates and times. (Vera will post a notice, as well.)

For the hardy, there is once again outdoor winter bowling on the White Rock Bowling Club’s artificial greens. Fee for Mann Park members is $60, starting October 4 until March 31. There are aggregate games on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Get your tags in by 12:30; draw at 12:45.
Contact Linda Paupst, 604 538 3220k.

The bowls polisher in the locker room has been repaired by Leo Klarich. He spent a lot of his time and a tiny bit of our collective money to do it. Check it out — and thank Leo when you see him.

Mann Park handily won the coveted Hunter Trophy in the Thursday match against Langley, scoring 17 points to 7. Congratulations to our teams.

Second-year bowler Arnie Holand will have his name inscribed on the Friday Aggregate trophy for 2014. Of the 48 potential points (3 for a win; 16 weeks), Arnie grabbed 38 points — and $48. Tied at three points back were Graham Reynolds and Tom Akam. In total, $945 was returned to 33 of the 77 Aggregate registrants, and $158 was donated to the club.

It was an exceptionally happy week for Arnie Holand. He also had the lowest score (31) in the nine-hole Mann Park golf tournament at Meridian on Sept. 2. The event netted $168.50 which will be applied to a fund for the purchase of a new barbecue.

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