Hi Everyone….

LABOUR DAY – Rain or shine, the draw will be made at 10:30. Entry fee $5 which covers prizes and dessert. If possible, please bring the correct change and your lunch!

Bowl 10 fun ends before lunch, and 10 ends of regular bowling after (ok to share).

Dress: Whites or Club Colors

HUNTER TROPHY MP vs Langley. The draw will be done soon. Win or lose, it would be nice if MP bowlers come inside the club house after the game when the Trophy will be presented. The last time we had visitors, only 3 or 4 of our bowlers stayed…everyone left! Not nice.

WARING TROPHY MP vs White Rock. Same as above.

CLUB MIXED TRIPLES – As we have so many games happening the first week of September, this event, scheduled for Sept 8 and 9, will be held Sept. 15 and 16. Remember, it’s played in the morning only (2 – 10 ends each day), so there’s regular bowling in the afternoon. It would be great if 48 bowlers sign up…and make it a real event…the last of the season!

Questions? Wanda Taylor

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