News From Mann Park….Things You Need To Know

Some things you need to know:

1) Geoff Wells has been organizing a little nine-hole Par 3 golf tournament for Mann Park members, to be played in early September at Meridian. Eighteen people have signed the sheet on the board at the clubhouse. Geoff would like to get at least six more people to join. Proceeds will go to the purchase of a new BBQ. Sign on now, please.

2) No regular afternoon draw on Sunday the 24th. There’s a visitation. Spectators are welcome.

3) The first, second, and third-year bowlers have their club tournament on the 25th and 26th. NOVICES: You should sign up if you have not already done so.

4) Sept. 4: Hunter Trophy tournament against Langley, at 1 p.m. No regular afternoon draw.
Sept 7: Waring Trophy competition with White Rock Lawn Bowling Club. No regular draw that day.
Sept. 8 and 9: Club Mixed Triples tournament, in the morning. Afternoon draw is not affected.
Details and sign-up sheets at the clubhouse.

5) Friday Aggregate. The final date for this summer-long league is September 5. A total of 77 people registered.
All 77 — and, alas, only they — are encouraged to come on the 5th, whether the sun shines or rain falls, and whether you have actually played one game or 16.
If we can bowl, it’ll start at the usual time, 9:15 sharp. After the game at 11:30, we will distribute prize money (lots of it!!!) to at least 30 bowlers.
If it rains, come at 11:30 anyway.

Then, around noon, Panago Pizza of Ocean Park will once again provide us with pizza for lunch.
In the next day or so, there will be a sign-up sheet. Note, this is only for the Aggregate registrants.

YOU MUST SIGN UP TO GET THE PIZZA. No last minute additions because we have to advise Panago who is coming.

6) Many of the summer leagues are winding down. That does not mean the season of bowling is over. Au contraire, the afternoon draws should be more popular than ever.
What’s more, our professional greens keeper, John Findlay, advised us that this fall we’ll be able to bowl right into October — making up for the early closing for grass replacement last year.
So, keep on truckin’ down to Mann Park until the monsoon returns.

7) Future dates to record (details to follow):
Sept. 27, the Official Closing Ceremony when club prizes are distributed.
Oct. 24, Annual General Meeting.
And also in October, an Oktoberfest blast.

Good bowling,
Bryant Avery

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