July 19th Update

The quartet of Paul Brinton, Stan Turner, Rick Lambert and Harold Hendess won gold at the BC Week Fours championship games this week.
It’s a superlative job by our Mann Park bowlers. Congratulate them when you get the chance.

Next Friday, July 25, we will hold our second big open house of the summer.
If you recall, about 80 people turned out for the June open house, and we added a few new bowlers as a result of it.
Details about food and drink will follow.
Meanwhile, begin talking to your colleagues, family members, neighbours and friends. Tell them that this is an excellent opportunity to sample the game we all love.

Vices and leads who frequently get called upon to vice all need to be able to measure accurately and correctly. Some of our members have never been shown how to do it. The Brintons are offering to hold a clinic on July 24 to learn.
A sign-up poster with all the details is inside the clubhouse. Join them.

On the outside bulletin board, there’s a sheet to join the August 4 BC Day fun event.

The club continues to make improvements.
1) There will soon be new lock systems on two of our exit doors: the one by the kitchen and the south door in the basement. The latter has been a problem. Twice it was left open overnight when someone exited that way.
2) Volunteers, headed by the Estabrooks, will paint the concrete wall inside the front entrance to the club.
3) Little by little, Brian Jackson and others will be fixing our rakes. By the end of it, we’ll have 16 rakes that work. If you are willing to help Brian, talk to him.
4) Finally, the nag. We survive as a club because volunteers devote time to get things done. Speaking of which, there are volunteers needed for Saturday Tea, housekeeping and kitchen duties. If you — including men! — have not offered your services yet, please do so now.

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