Great summer!

What a glorious start we have had to this years bowling season.  it is hard to realize that we are just barely reaching, what is traditionally, the best bowling of the season.  The green is running fast and good.  As good, I would say, as any of the top greens in the Lower Mainland.  Bill Wallace is doing a great job along with John Findlay.


The Friday Nights have been going very well.  The average is between 20 and 30 attendees including a number of new people who are taking the opportunity to try Lawn Bowls, along with a hot dog.

In the last couple of weeks we have replaced the heavy, old chairs with folding chairs from Costco.  They are much lighter and we are currently looking at carriers to stack them.

The new umbrellas, again from Costco, have proved to be popular.  We are fortunate to save $600.00 off the regular price, because of a, rare, Costco sale.

Our new design and colours for the new Club clothes has been approved and the first order submitted to Kukri.  They should arrive in about 4 weeks.

At its next regular meeting on July 23, the Executive Committee will decide on the design of the new Clubhouse sign.  Samples have been posted in the Clubhouse.

In the near future:

Final planning meetings will take place in the next few weeks for:

the leveling of the green by English Lawns.  They are the best in the business………          and     ………for the concrete surround and backboard.  I notice that the wood of the existing surround is starting to show its age and we need to replace it before it becomes a hazard……..and…………let’s not forget the planning with the City of White Rock to remove the hedges, at the end of August.

Thanks are due to:  ……the usual suspects who spend hours working on behalf of the Club………and today I want to high-light Wanda Taylor, our Games chair.  Games is a very demanding job requiring the patience of Job, the organisational ability of the invasion of Europe and the majestic characteristics of a hunting eagle.  Wanda is a perfect fit.

The President





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