News from the May 14 Executive Meeting:

Congratulations to all our new members.  A great group, who will be honored at the Saturday afternoon Draw on May 18th.  An excellent job done by our coaches and recruiters.

Good news;  our Finance team were successful in securing a Gaming grant for this year.  As soon as the Executive Committee receives an up-date on our financial projections, in June, decisions will be made on the new projects that we can afford this year.

Other good news: the City of White Rock has agreed to remove the hedges from the North and West side our of grounds.  The roots were entering our playing surface and were beginning to cause problems.  The earth berm will remain, grassed and with trees planted strategically.  Fortunately, we had an environmental sound expert assess the impact of removing the hedges and he found very little sound deadening from the hedges.The City should complete the work within a month.

Beginning in June, Friday Night Drop-In Draws will continue this year, with $2.00 hot dogs.

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