Mann Park Lawn Bowling Club

Notice of Semi-Annual General Meeting

Wednesday April 10, 2013

1:30 p.m.


  1. Call to order.


  1. One minute of silence in remembrance of those members who passed away since the last meeting:          Warren Pready and Walde Guenther.


  1. Approval of the Agenda.


  1. Approval of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on October 24, 2012.


  1. Matters arising from those minutes.


i)                    Hedges.

ii)                   Levelling of the green at the North End.

iii)                 Sprinkler system improvements.

iv)                 Concrete surround and wood backboard.

v)                  Spending Priorities 2013.

vi)                 Club clothing.


  1. Correspondence.


  1. Treasurers Report.


  1. Reports from Directors and Committees.


  1. New business.


i)                    Code of Conduct.


  1.  President’s Report.


  1.  Announcements?


  1. Adjournment.



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