Taking out the high hedges

On Wednesday night, Helen and I went to a City of White Rock public meeting about their proposed Capital Projects.

We were able to talk to the Mayor, Wayne Baldwin, Dan Bottrill, the City Manager and several members of Council.

They re-affirmed the intention of the City to replace the high hedges around the greens, hopefully next Spring.

I also had an environmental noise specialist from Accurate Audio come and take sound tests of the traffic noise from 16th Avenue.  He measured the difference between the ‘playing side’ of the front hedge, as if a person was playing, and compared that with the noise from the road side of the hedge i.e. with no screening of noise by the hedge and the berm.

He was confident there was virtually no difference.  His conclusion is that the hedge and berm provide insignificant protection from the noise levels of 16th Avenue.

(By the way, he did the testing at no charge to the Club!)         Paul Brinton

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