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July 2012


2012  Novice Graduates

President’s Column


How quickly the season is passing!  Now that the wet weather is behind us we are looking forward to a long, hot, dry, spell that will be payback for the rain and cool weather we have had to endure.  Let’s all look forward to a long playing summer.

Thank you to the members who helped with the School Program in June.  We had five classes of Grades 10, 11 and 12’s who enjoyed our greens and hospitality.  Our helpers were Nicole Killy, Laurie Carbert, Jo Slade, Katie Holt, Bryant Avery, Jim Carter, Vern Coulter and Bob Stevenson.  Thank you all.

Everyone is invited to our new Friday Night Drop-In 6:30 – 8:00 (or whenever the last person leaves).  Try to bring a friend, neighbour or family member, to give bowling a try.  We hope to fire up the BBQ’s for hot dogs.

As you can see from the big banner on the fence, we now have our new web-site address ( proudly displayed.  Helen and Laurie Carbert continue to develop the site to make it inter-active and dynamic.

On behalf of the Club I wish to thank all those members who have toiled on Games, in the kitchen, maintenance and housekeeping (did I forget anyone?).  Thank you for all your hard and selfless work.  A lot of work gets done, mostly unnoticed, and the Club could not function without the many hours that members put in.

Please take the time to look at the Information Bulletins put up in the Clubhouse from time to time  These are intended to give members background on the type of choices you will have the chance to make later this summer.

You need to consider all the implications of installing an artificial surface or remaining with the natural grass.  Our grass is now much improved, since our Opening, and is getting good comments from players from other clubs, as well as our own.

You, as members of Mann Park Lawn Bowling Club, will get to decide what to do!

I expect our next Discussion Meeting to be in late August or early September.

Please support our sponsor.

Health Express

1550 Johnston Road

White Rock


Co-operation with White Rock LBC

Mann Park and White Rock bowling club representatives have begun a series of exploratory meetings to discuss ways the two clubs might cooperate better.

Larry Ridenour and Bryant Avery are representing Mann Park and Marlene Cleutinx heads the W.R. effort. In the first meeting, we all quickly and firmly agreed the discussions do NOT in any way involve merger or amalgamation. That is not on the table,  period.

But the topics of exploration so far might include joint advertising, increased play between the two clubs, and some form of  combined membership fees. That last item, a revised fee arrangement  between the two clubs, would be voluntary but might allow interested members at either club to have full playing rights at the other club all year round.
Any major innovations will need executive board approval and AGM  approval by both clubs. There are no deadlines or commitments at this time. If you have some thoughts, email Bryant at
Larry Ridenour and Bryant Avery


Mann Park and White Rock LBC’s hosted the second Bowls BC $1,000 cash  tournament June 30 (at WR) and July 1 (at MP). It was difficult to fill this year, due to conflicting events at other clubs, but we had 16 teams entered. Prize $$ was excellent as the entire amount donated by Bowls BC had to be awarded. Jim Aitken, President of
Bowls BC dropped by to do the honors.

This event is important, as each team MUST have a first or second year bowler. The
newbies, many of whom have never bowled outside their club, gained a lot of knowledge
about competition, AND bowled 4 games a day!

Some of the bowling was amazing, even though it rained off and on for the first two games at WR. The second day at MP was beautiful and sunny, so everyone was much
happier. Three teams from Richmond took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, with a White Rock
team taking 4th. Prizes were excellent with $300 going to the winner, Eric Leung’s team.

Thanks to Brian Boyle for getting the event…and to Bill Cope for helping set up/
break down; Garry Stronach for rolling the green at noon; to the kitchen help for putting
on a great show; and to May McRobbie who helped me with scoring. Mary McConnell
from W’Rock (and a member of MP) helped organize the event at White Rock.




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